Mark Cuban’s Dallas Mavericks offer cashback rewards on Dogecoin purchases

Mark Cubans NBA franchise, Dallas Mavericks has launched a cashback rewards program in order to encourage merchandise and ticketdogecoin and mark cuban with mavericks purchases in Dogecoin.

Customers who spend over $150 in Dogecoin per transaction will be eligible for a $25 egift card to use online at the Dallas Mavericks Shop.

The program will run through Sept. 30. Users will need to spend 505 DOGE to receive an e-gift certificate at the time of writing.

In March, the Mavs began accepting DOGE payments. They were also among the first NBA franchises that accepted Bitcoin (BTC), back in 2019.

Cuban, a prominent Dogecoin advocate, stated in April that although the coin was initially a joke, it has “become a digital currency” because of its growing adoption rate.

In May, the billionaire investor said that Dogecoin outperformed all other crypto assets in terms merchandise purchases. He noted that DOGE sells more Mavs merchandise on a normal day that we did in a full year with BTC and ETH.

Cuban is a well-known figure in crypto and blockchain technology and has supported many projects, including Polygon, an Ethereum-based scaling solution, Alethea AI, and Genius, NFT marketplace providers.

In response to Donald Trump’s latest FUD, the Mavs owner has reacted to his claim that Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are a “disaster in waiting to happen.”

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Bill Ingram, a senior NBA analyst, stated that while he is not one to disagree with the former president on many matters, “I have long wondered if we really need another currency that has a pretend value simply because some group decides it does.”

Cuban replied by asking Ingram to stop thinking of crypto assets “currencies”, as he stressed the tech behind the sector.

They can be thought of as secure, decentralized platforms that are networked and allow the creation of apps with unique utility for users and businesses.

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