Dogecoin Foundation works with Ethereum co-founder on DOGE staking

Dogecoin Foundation is a non-profit organization that created the meme-based cryptocurrency Dogecoin. Vitalik Buterin, Ethereum’s co-founder, is currently working on a staking system.

The Foundation released Thursday’s Dogecoin Trailmap, a “dog-walk”, that the Dogecoin Foundation has committed to exploring. It believes it would be a contributing factor to Dogecoin’s success.

The Dogecoin Foundation and Buterin are working together to create a “uniquely Doge” proposal for proof-of-stake (PoS) version.

The Dogecoin Foundation stated that such a version would allow Dogecoin users stake DOGE and receive tokens to support the network.

“[The PoS version] will let everyone, not just the major players, participate in a way which rewards them for running the network and gives back to the community through charitable causes.”

Cointelegraph reported that the Dogecoin Foundation has reestablished their project in August 2021, six years after almost no media activity. The foundation also included Buterin, Dogecoin founder Billy Markus, and Dogecoin core development Max Keller as members of its advisory board. Jared Birchall, CEO of Neuralink, was reportedly appointed to represent Elon Musk, Tesla CEO and major DOGE fan.

“Setting off on such an adventurous journey is no small feat, and we are just starting. The foundation’s latest post states that we already have influential friends and a growing number of people who are ready to contribute development time for these open-source projects.

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Dogecoin was created in 2014 by Jackson Palmer and software engineers Billy Markus. They invented DOGE’s payment system as a joke. The Dogecoin Foundation was shut down shortly after the founders left.

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