Dogecoin Foundation registers name and logos as trademarked within in the EU

On Wednesday, the Dogecoin Foundation posted on Twitter that it had registered “Doge,” Dogecoin and their associated logos as trademarks within the European Union. The tweet contained a certificate dated January 13, 2022.

Jens Wiechers, an executive board member of the Foundation, stated in the Twitter thread that “The issue isn’t (and never has been) use in memes, etc., but attempts to register people who are completely unaffiliated to Dogecoin, which makes sense only if they want then to extort either their community or the Dogecoin Project, Devs, Foundation, etc. directly.”

Much success. Although it seems small and insignificant given the current world events, it is a significant step. We thank @DACBeachcroft and @PageWhite_IP Germany for this, as well as @MosesSingerLLP in the USA for their representation. 1/
— March 2, 2022, Dogecoin Foundation (@DogecoinFdn).

The Dogecoin Foundation’s revival in August has caused many problems with its imagery and name. This is due to the fact that it did not apply for trademark protection when it was created in 2014. The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office found that the foundation’s September application was in competition with at least “half a dozen” other applicants and “at most 100” cryptocurrencies using the Dogecoin name.

Ross Nicoll, the foundation director, resigned as a result of the controversy over cryptocurrency’s name. Nicoll announced his resignation in a blog post on February 16th, writing that the foundation was operating in a “very challenging environment” and that “the stress involved in this endeavor is overwhelming.”

Nicoll stated that “a variety of parties were registering trademarks on Dogecoin” and “in summer 2021, there was potential litigation against the developers by someone who claimed they were responsible for their funds.”

Nicoll also spoke out about a conflict of interest in his day job as software developer at Alphabet. He is still an advisor to the foundation. In announcing Nicoll’s departure, the Dogecoin Foundation stated that Nicoll had told core members almost a year prior to his plans and was “involved in the re-establishment the Dogecoin Foundation” with his departure.

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