DOGE co-founder sets sights on Ethereum bridge and NFTs for mass adoption

Billy Markus, co-founder of Dogecoin (DOGE), has his sights set on nonfungible tokens(NFTs) as well as an Ethereum-toDogecoin bridge in order to promote mass adoption.

Markus stressed the importance of the Ethereum-Dogecoin Bridge in a Sept. 30, tweet. This would allow the asset to be integrated with top Ethereum NFT platforms like OpenSea. It will also enable non-fungible DOGE purchases.

Markus stated that NFTs are in high demand within the crypto community. He also said that DOGE would allow NFT purchases to be made “greatly increasing its utility.”

It would be hugely beneficial for the community if DOGE was integrated into the NFT ecosystem!
— Mr. Whale (@CryptoWhale), September 29, 2021

In development, the DOGE-ETH bridge will allow users to send DOGE between the Dogecoin and Ethereum blockchains and to transact with the asset via ERC-20 DOGE token contract transactions.

The bridge could be of additional utility to DOGE as it could offer a fun alternative for Ether, which dominates NFT payments. It also has the potential to increase transaction levels and usage via circulation in various DeFi protocols on Ethereum.

Interview with Lex Fridman, podcaster June 4: Vitalik Buterin, Ethereum cofounder and investor in DOGE, also highlighted the bullish potential of an Ethereum-bridge for DOGE. He noted that:

“If DOGE wishes to somehow bridge with Ethereum, and then people could trade DOGE thousands per second within a loop-ring, that would be incredible.”

Markus replied to a Twitter question asking if the bridge was in the works. He said that people were working on the DOGEETH bridge, but didnt name names.

DogeLabs, a group of developers focused on Dogecoin chains, announced that it was looking into the possibility of building a DogeETH bridge to allow hodlers to use the asset for Ethereum-based DeFi staking.

DogeLabs stated that they were looking at the development of a DOGE wallet for developers. This wallet will allow them to create “applications that send a portion of Doge into a public wallet to help in building a deflationary mechanism around DOGE inflationary rise.”

Markus left Dogecoin to work in 2015, selling his Bitcoins for the equivalent of a used Honda Civic. However, Markus is still a member the Dogecoin advisory board that was re-established August. Buterin is also on the advisory board.

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This non-profit foundation advocates for Dogecoins development and protects its trademark against copycats like Dogecoin 2.0.

Cointelegraph reported Sept. 2 that Dogecoin Foundation had demanded the “Dogecoin2.0” projects name change and had hired brand protection attorneys to contact the knockoff developers to help “protect the Dogecoin Community from being misled, and to protect the Dogecoin Name from misuse.”

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