DOGE-1 moon mission set for launch with SpaceX in early 2022

DOGE-1, the first cryptocurrency-funded mission to orbit the moon, will launch in the early part of next year thanks to a partnership between two blockchain companies, Geometric Energy Corporation and Geometric Energy Corporation (also known as GEC).

Unizen, the smart exchange platform, and ZenX DeFi incubator announced Wednesday that DOGE-1 is in process of being built and launched. This 40-kilogram cubesat weighs roughly 88 pounds and will offer a new use for cryptocurrency. To obtain lunar-spatial information from sensors and cameras, the cubesat will orbit a stable lunar orbit. It will then be sent back to GEC to analyze.

Although no specific dates have been set, the cubesat will launch through a launch agreement between SpaceX FalconX and SpaceX. It is expected to be operational in the first quarter 2022. To date, over 1,600 cubesats were launched. However, unlike DOGE-1 they have traveled into Low Earth Orbit (100 to 1,200 miles above Earth’s surface). DOGE-1 is 250,000 miles from Earth when it travels to lunar orbit.

The companies stated that NASA’s CAPSTONE was originally scheduled to become the first cubesat on the moon. However, it has been delayed several times and currently has a launch date of March 2022. This means DOGE-1 could become the first cubesat to reach the Moon in history, a major achievement for global spaceflight.

Cointelegraph reported that the Dogecoin-funded project had been first presented in May this year. It was scheduled to launch as soon as the first quarter 2022. Tom Ochinero, SpaceX vice president for commercial sales, stated that the mission would “demonstrate the application of cryptocurrency beyond Earth orbit” and provide the foundation for interplanetary trade.

SpaceX launches satellite Doge-1 to orbit the moon next year – Mission funded in Doge – 1st cryptocurrency in space – 1st mem in space To the mooooonnnn! !
Elon Musk (@elonmusk), May 9, 2021

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Dogecoin (DOGE), which rose to prominence in the early part of this year, was largely due to Elon Musk, SpaceX founder. He praised the virtues of the memecoin and claimed that he worked with its developers to increase its efficiency. At a time when cryptocurrency was becoming more mainstream, the Musk-inspired boom may have brought DOGE’s market capital to billions.

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