Binance CEO counters Elon Musk for bringing up Dogecoin issues

Twitter has become an arena for another cryptocurrency-related battle due to Binance experiencing ongoing issues with Dogecoin (DOGE) withdrawals.

Elon Musk, Tesla CEO and one of the most avid Dogecoin supporters in the world, took to Twitter Tuesday to raise issues regarding DOGE withdrawals from Binance. Musk posted the following message to Changpeng Zhao, Binance CEO: “What’s up with your Doge customers?” It sounds suspicious.

Binance’s official Twitter account took around 30 minutes to reply. They argued that the issue is not suspicious and provided a new Twitter update. Binance stated that the root cause was a technical problem during the recent upgrade, which caused transactions from old transactions to be sent to 1,674 users.

Some Binance users received outdated transactions as a result. Others were unable to withdraw Dogecoin due to the issue. “We have kindly asked Binance users who received the old transactions to return them. However, we are aware that some users are having difficulty accessing certain wallets.

The firm stated that the issue was only on Binance because Binance has a different technical wallet setup for DOGE. This could mean that Binance will need to rebuild the entire wallet, which could take “another few weeks.”

Musk continued to attack Binance, apparently not satisfied with the exchange’s response. He also mentioned a thread from Dogecoin Developers, explaining that the issue began a little over a year ago.

Doge owners using Binance need to be protected against errors that aren’t their fault
— Elon Musk (@elonmusk), November 23, 2021

Zhao, Binance CEO, joined the thread and stated that the problem was related to the “latest doge wallet”. He added: “We are in communication with the devs.”

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Zhao also reacted to Musk’s comments by referring back to The Guardian report that Tesla software had a glitch in October. This led to a safety recall of approximately 12,000 vehicles in the United States. Tesla had to end the FSD update for vehicles in order to resolve the problem.

Zhao tweeted, “What happened?” He was apparently referring to Musk’s comments to David Beasley, UN World Food Programme director. Their Twitter debate about a $6 billion donation to end world hunger is a resemblance to Musk’s.

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